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so i was approached for a commission by this person that went by the name of !cirus8, who wanted my take on an already existing character, agreed to the upfront payment and everything he disappeared for a while without paying, me in good faith as always (wrongly obviously coz the world is full of scumbags) i started painting right away since i was free, i showed him my WIP thinking that would just show the client that i already started working and he should pay fast (i also wanted to reassure the client that i am a serious person who really does this as fulltime job).
He disappeared and so i wrote him if he doesn't pay in 3 days time i will drop the commission and keep the art obviously for myself, he then came back with all sorts of excuses (he prolly forgot what he said and started talking shit), first one his best friend DIED and he had to take care his childrens, second that Paypal does not work in his country (note he said on his now deactivated page that he is from Argentina)...
Of course not being that massive fool that he expected i started getting pissed and expose his lies, so then he became aggressive, talking shit about my art to find in the end he stole even the lowres WIP that i showed him by mail and posting it in here under a new name and profile:

i stop answering his mails already but he keeps coming forth and now he even threat me that i am not allowed to post my OWN piece and to delete it, of coz i won't, i will finish it and post it in here in the meantime i posted the original screenshot that was stolen, and as you will see comparing to his image he polished it up and twisted it around.

here is the original screenshot:

i saw othe journals entry by other artists about this matter with this duche:…

take a look at all his aliases and the excuses he always brag about and note, he\she (i am farely sure is a HE) always make new profiles saying he is a WOMAN, but as we know is just to play around and trick us.

he already damaged tons of fellow artists so i ask you guys to participate and spread the voice around, we have to keep united against these pitiful thieves

here is his new page
as you see he even copied word by word what i wrote in my first journal entry

lastly since this is very entertaining i guess i kept all the emails archives that we exchanged and would gladely show how pathetic he really is, so stive raptor or wadever your name is, thank you kindly for your Christmas and new year gift, u entertained me but now is over i am no longer patient, i have no more time to lose with you but if you keep going on i will take legal actions against you as my IP Lawyer has already been engaged and i hope you read this!!

we all know who you are so expect more to come!!



his email to google if you want: stive raptor <>


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hello everybody, let me introduce myself, my name is Chris and i am a digital artist working in the videogames and movies field for several years now, i also work as freelance and i am always ready to take on new jobs so please drop me a line!


skype: chris-anyma

FB @ Chris Anyma

IG @ Anyma


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